Young Driver Training Programme

Young Driver Training offers driving lessons for under 17’s at 3 Scottish locations

Braehead Shopping Centre – Glasgow
Royal Highland Showground – Edinburgh
Falkirk Stadium – Falkirk

All cars are dual controlled brand new SKODA Citigos and our instructors are qualified Approved Driving Instructors all trained to teach a younger age group.


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One in 5 newly qualified drivers will crash in the first 6 months after passing their driving test.

Research shows that starting to learn from a younger age, over a longer period of time can reduce accidents in this vulnerable age group by as much as 50%.


Sue Longthorn, Managing Director, Admiral Insurance said: “Admiral is proud to have supported the Young Driver programme since its start, going from one venue to nationwide. As an insurer, we are only too aware of the high accident rate among young motorists.

“We have continued to support Young Driver as it educates an ever growing number of young people to be better drivers and to give them all vital experience before they drive on roads. After all, being under the legal age to drive on road isn’t a barrier to gaining experience and being properly educated about responsible driving.


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“From a parent’s point of view, the Young Driver programme is also an excellent way to introduce under 17s to good driving practice in a safe environment. While for young people attending the programme, they get to feel exactly what it is like to drive a small car in an informative and fun way.”


Lessons start from just £34.95

To receive an exclusive 10% discount off all lessons and vouchers use discount code SWD10

Click here to book or call 0844 371 9010