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Edinburgh, Scotland
Friday, December 15, 2017

Learner driver turning left shunts cyclist at junction but who’s wrong?

A bizarre collision between a cyclist and learner driver has divided the internet over who is to blame.

Police appeal for dash cam footage of collision involving elderly pedestrian

Police are appealing for dash cam footage after a serious collision involving an elderly pedestrian in Edinburgh.

Olympian gives up 2 wheels for 4 and breaks a world record too

A head-spinning video shows six-time Olympic champion Sir Chris Hoy give up 2 wheels for 4 breaking world record for the most doughnuts in a car in a minute.

Ten drivers a day flout mobile ban despite tough new laws

Ten motorists a day have been caught using their mobiles at the wheel in the seven months since tough new laws were introduced north of the border.

Mum live streams her shocking driving on Facebook – “earning 60 points in 12...

A young mother broadcasts herself behind the wheel on Facebook for 12 minutes - driving so badly she would have run up an estimated 60 penalty points.

Police in attendance at two car collision closing city arterial route

Police are in attendance at a two car collision on North Bridge an arterial route in Edinburgh blocking traffic northbound.

Police charge seven motorists drink driving north east

Police have charged seven motorists with in relation to alleged drink driving offences in the north east.

Waitrose driver laughs on mobile in roadworks while half-blinded by sun

Waitrose are urgently investigating a driver who was filmed laughing on his mobile while driving through roadworks and half-blinded by the sun.

Edinburgh’s emissions parking permit postcode lottery rip off

Motorists in the capital can pay between £11.50 and £475 per year to park outside their own home, as much as a 540% increase for a similar vehicle.

Vile moment motorist spits at cyclist who caught him on mobile

Shocking video shows the vile moment an enraged motorists spat at a cyclist who confronted him for using his mobile at the wheel.

Average speed cameras go live on notorious stretch A90

Average speed cameras along a notorious 50 mile stretch of the A90 between have now gone live and will “help save lives”.

Glasgow is the most polluted city in the UK

Glasgow is the most polluted city in the UK according to a new report by the World Health Organisation.